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About Us

Our primary objective is delivering our clients the very best service. We do this by listening to their goals and meeting their objectives. To do so, it requires experienced and flexible construction teams. We manage and supervise our projects with a full understanding of what our clients want. We balance design intent with construction costs. We are tenacious in achieving the design intent and doing so in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

We believe that our experiences in the local construction industry represent some of the most stringent and most challenging aspects of construction. We have a wealth of experience with life safety systems which is comprised of everything from framing and drywall, doors and hardware, fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, and HVAC smoke control systems. Whether it be opening a restaurant, an events center, a hotel tower, parking garage, or casino, we simply understand the process and what it takes to complete a project.

We believe our company’s “transparency” is very important to customer relations. Gillett Construction LLC stresses the importance of being honest and straight forward. Everything from discipline design conflicts in the field to the day to day operations in our office should be common knowledge, if it is pertinent information to our clients. Ultimately, our construction teams are more focused because they are part of a company that believes in open communication.
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