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"The Gillett Construction team has been a great partner for us at Black Knight Sports & Entertainment. Building an NHL practice facility coupled with a community ice rink is a very unique project here in Las Vegas. Here at Black Knight Sports we are leaning heavily upon Darren Gillett and his team. Together, we are going to create a world class facility that will serve our NHL team as well as the entire community for decades to come."

Murray Craven / Senior VP / Black Knight Sports Arena LLC

"I have known Darren Gillett for over six years now and have found them to be first rate contractors. They are very easy to get along with, very accommodating and very professional. As the architect of record for the $200 million Suncoast Hotel & Casino and the $400 million South Coast Hotel & Casino, I worked first hand with Darren in getting these projects completed on time.”

As is typical with large projects, they had to deal with a myriad of client revisions, union issues, unforeseen conditions, and overly meticulous building department inspectors to name a few. But they seemed to take it all in stride and resolved any issues that needed to be addressed in order to maintain the schedule. We were also involved with a number of tenant Improvements at both of these properties and at the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino. Being improvement projects, the Gillett team had to deal with the added burden of maintaining an existing casino operation with minimal disruption. Ultimately, any disruptions would have financial consequences. Again, Darren was able to minimize any disruptions by working very closely with casino operations while still maintaining the schedule. I worked with Gillett Construction LLC on the South Point Hotel Casino Spa showroom. It has been a pleasure working with him on this project, which has gone very smoothly, even with many last minute changes requested by the client. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Gillett Construction LLC once again. There is no substitute for having a top-notch contractor on the project, because anything less is asking for trouble."
Arnie Martinez, Jr. / Associate Project Manager / Leo A Daly Co.

“I really enjoyed working with and your group, the project worked out wonderfully, and I thank you for everything you did. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to work together again. If you need a reference at any time, please feel free to use me.”
Sandra Larson / Director of Development / Main Street Restaurant Group

“My association with Darren Gillett goes back to the early nineties. As structural engineer of record on several projects with him, I came to appreciate his ability to resolve problems effectively and systematically to deliver these projects on time and within budget.”
Raymond R. Khoury S.E. / President / Raymond R. Khoury, LLC

"The principals of Gillett Construction Co. worked for J.A. Tiberti Construction Co. for over ten years prior to starting Gillett Construction. Since that time, we have subcontracted many projects to Gillett Construction. We have a high regard for their work ethic and integrity."
Tito Tiberti 

"I met Darren Gillett in 1993 while building the Fiesta Casino Hotel. Over the years, Darren has handled several projects for me. He has never missed an opening date, and all projects have come under anticipated budget cost. He is dedicated to each and every project, focused on detail, and is personally involved in every aspect of the construction." 
George J. Maloof

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