Welcome to Gillett Construction LLC

Always setting our performance standards to the highest level

Welcome to Gillett Construction LLC

Always setting our performance standards to the highest level

Your Trusted General Contractor in Southern Nevada

Welcome Gillett Construction, LLC is a trusted general contractor in Southern Nevada. We are proficient on jobs that require open construction, renovation, and remodeling within close proximity of the public. Our experience spans all types of commercial building in all jurisdictions of the Las Vegas valley. Our knowledge of the most stringent building systems, adverse conditions, and potential pitfalls, has been proven time and time again. We enjoy solving problems and work diligently towards opening your building on time.

We believe it is vital to take pride in your work. We set our performance standards high for our employees. The result is a company that prides itself on honesty, integrity, and an ability to complete the project with our clients’ best interests at heart.


Gaming & Hospitality

In this highly regulated industry, it pays to work with a partner who understands the rules and the key players so you can quickly maximize the return on your new-build or renovation investment.

Our goal is to offer outstanding construction while keeping the environment comfortable for your guests with little to no disruption of daily operations, whether it’s creating a welcoming retreat from the ground up or renovating an existing property while your guests remain on the premises, we take pride in offering a high level of professionalism & craftsmanship.


An experienced design-builder with wide-ranging building experience, Gillett Construction plays a vital role as a design-build partner. We have the flexibility and resources to provide streamlined design and construction for command centers, training facilities, military hangars administration centers and maintenance facilities, medical centers, and more. We review the design to ensure constructability& offer options to maximize value within the client’s budget.


Our People Have INNOVATIVE Vision

The general concept is to find cost-saving solutions during all phases of construction while meeting all project specifications and objectives. The ability to deliver quality construction under budget is directly attributed to our company’s unique team approach and ability to truly understand the scope of every project. Every project team member keeps their supervisors informed. Every supervisor keeps our partners informed. Our partners, in turn, have direct communication with our clients. The flow of information and dialogue works both ways.

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